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Financing the Future.

The energy evolution is upon us, and Honeywell wants to partner with the technologies that will drive sustainability and complement the technologies we are pioneering.

Honeywell is more than a financial partner. We are looking for partners to go to market with us so we can provide our customers with the best, most comprehensive solutions. Mutual benefit will be our goal: let us help you scale faster, access our customers and advance research and development.

Honeywell is committed to a sustainable future, and we’ve pledged to become carbon neutral in our operations and facilities by 2035. Additionally, we have committed half our research and development to helping the world become more sustainable.

Let’s shape the future together.

Interested in a potential partnership? Contact our Sustainability Ventures group to set up a meeting. 

Giancarlo Savini
Investment & Partnership Director

Giancarlo is responsible for maintaining the Honeywell sustainability ventures portfolio. Previously he worked at Shell Ventures, investing in Energy and clean technology. He has been on the board at Veros Systems (Austin, Texas). Prior to that, Giancarlo worked in corporate innovation and scaling new technologies in major energy assets like hydrogen and power generation for Shell and GE, across the globe. He has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Bologna/University of Oxford and an M.B.A. from the IMD Business School in Switzerland. 

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