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Honeywell Media Statement On China HFO-1234yf Patent Ruling HFO-1234yf

Honeywell Media Statement On China HFO-1234yf Patent Ruling HFO-1234yf

Dec. 20, 2021 - Honeywell supports the November 26, 2021 decision by the Supreme People’s Court in China to uphold the findings of the Beijing IP Court and the China National Intellectual Property Administration that the claims in Honeywell’s application patent (No. 201210530088.9), which cover the use of HFO-1234yf in automotive air conditioning systems, are valid. The court also dismissed Arkema’s challenge to these claims in China.

This decision goes a long way to protecting Honeywell and its authorized suppliers and distributors of 1234yf for automotive air conditioning applications in China and abroad and deterring unlicensed activity of Arkema and other unlicensed producers. The import of HFO-1234yf from China into any country in which Honeywell holds related patents is also an act of patent infringement.

Honeywell is committed to taking all legal actions necessary to protect its investments in the development of innovative new products which reduce global warming. 

Honeywell has invested more than $1B globally in research, development, and new capacity for its low global warming HFO products, including 1234yf for automotive air conditioning applications.  This investment in research and development is protected by a diverse global portfolio of patents covering various applications, unique compositions and equipment and methods of manufacture. 

We are pleased with the Supreme People’s Court’s decision to reconfirm the validity of our automotive air conditioning patent claims in China.

Stephanie Agresti
Sr. External Comms Specialist