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Soprema Selects Honeywell Solstice Gas Blowing Agent For Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation

Soprema Selects Honeywell Solstice Gas Blowing Agent For Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation

XPS manufacturer first in North America to convert to an ultra-low global warming potential solution in XPS foam

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., May 13, 2021 --Honeywell today announced that SOPREMA, a leader in the roofing, waterproofing, wall protection, and civil engineering industries, will adopt Honeywell’s ultra-low global warming potential Solstice® Gas Blowing Agent (GBA) for production of extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards. SOPREMA will be the first XPS manufacturer in North America to convert to Solstice GBA to meet new environmental regulations phasing down higher GWP products.

Solstice GBA provides energy efficiency performance similar to HFC-134a and has a GWP of less than 1 (more than 99% lower than HFCs and lower than carbon dioxide.) By adopting Solstice GBA, SOPREMA joins a growing number of XPS producers worldwide who are replacing hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents with low-GWP solutions to meet changing environmental regulations calling for a global phase down of HFCs.

SOPREMA will replace HFC-134a with Solstice GBA in its entire XPS board production at its manufacturing site in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The company’s XPS products are used in residential and commercial construction for wall insulation, inverted roofs, parking and plaza decks, foundations and civil engineering applications such as airport runways, roads and pilings.

For SOPREMA, being involved in sustainable development by investing in innovation is a necessity,” said Richard Voyer, CEO, SOPREMA “Our transition to Solstice GBA for XPS production is just one example of our commitment to adopt materials and good practices that are synonymous with value creation to move society forward and guarantee the sustainability of our planet.”

Honeywell is seeing growing interest from XPS manufacturers and other foam producers for its proven Solstice blowing agent technologies. These solutions meet performance requirements while staying ahead of changing environmental regulations requiring a transition to low-GWP blowing agents.

“Not only has Solstice GBA helped SOPREMA demonstrate environmental leadership by offering XPS insulation board with reduced global warming potential, it has also met very high standards for performance and energy efficiency essential for these products,” said Laura Reinhard, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Foam and Industrial Products. “We are proud of our collaboration with SOPREMA and are committed to assisting the foam industry globally through the transition to low-GWP solutions."

Based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, Solstice GBA is a replacement for HFC-134a, HFC-152a, HCFC-142b, HCFC-22 and other blowing agents in foam applications.

SOPREMA is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and vegetated solutions for the roofing, building envelope and civil engineering sectors.

Honeywell and its suppliers have completed a billion-dollar investment program in research, development, and new capacity for Honeywell’s hydrofluorolefin technology. Worldwide adoption of Solstice products has resulted in the reduction of more than 200 million metric tons of CO2 to date, equal to eliminating the emissions from more than 42 million cars.

Honeywell recently committed to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations and facilities by 2035. This commitment builds on the company’s track record of sharply reducing the greenhouse gas intensity of its operations and facilities as well as its decades-long history of innovation to help its customers meet their environmental and social goals. About half of Honeywell’s new product introduction research and development investment is directed toward products that improve environmental and social outcomes for customers.


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