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Honeywell Unveils New Nonflammable Refrigerant With Low-Global-Warming Potential For Chillers And Heat Pumps

Honeywell Unveils New Nonflammable Refrigerant With Low-Global-Warming Potential For Chillers And Heat Pumps

Solstice ® N15 (R-515B) adopted by leading compressor manufacturer Danfoss for Turbocor ® TGS490

Honeywell today announced the launch of Solstice® N15 (R-515B), a new, A1 nonflammable and low-global-warming potential (LGWP) refrigerant replacement for R-134a for use in chillers and heat pumps. With a GWP of 299 (AR5), Solstice N15 is an environmentally preferable, energy-efficient and safe alternative to higher global warming potential solutions that do not fully address long-term efficiency and GWP requirements. The new refrigerant, which will be commercially available this year, was unveiled at the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AHR) Expo in Orlando, Fla.

Solstice N15 has been adopted by leading compressor manufacturer Danfoss for use in its new Turbocor® TGS490 compressor, which can be used in air or water-cooled chiller applications for air conditioning. The Turbocor TGS490 received the AHR Expo 2020 Innovation Award in the “Green Building” category.

“The nonflammability of Solstice N15, combined with the refrigerant’s low global warming potential, made this solution a natural choice for our Turbocor TG Series compressors,” said Frank Ford, Director of Product Management at Danfoss Turbocor. “The new Turbocor TGS490 compressor has been fully optimized for both 1234ze and R-515B refrigerants, which means customers can benefit from improved system efficiency but also match the cooling capacity of R-134a thanks to lower pressure characteristics of the new compressor.”

As a non-flammable R-134a replacement, Solstice N15 can be used immediately by chiller and heat pump manufacturers where safety standards and buildings codes limit the use of A2L and A3 refrigerants. Its similar product design to 1234ze will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a long-term solution that is flexible for both A1 and A2L refrigerants.

“By innovating and bringing Solstice N15 to market together with component suppliers such as Danfoss, we are providing chiller and heat pump manufacturers with a long-term solution that can address any installation requirement with the same chiller design,” said Chris LaPietra, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Stationary Refrigerants. “Solstice N15 will ensure long-term compliance with EU regulations and directives like F-Gas, EcoDesign and EU’s Energy Performance of Building Directives or EPBD. The refrigerant also helps in achieving U.S. building certifications, including LEED and BREEAM.”

Based in Denmark, Danfoss is a global manufacturer of district heating and cooling, power modules, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, high-pressure pumps, condensing units, refrigeration and air conditioning, motors, and other related products.

Honeywell is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of refrigerants sold worldwide under the Solstice and Genetron® brands for a wide range of applications, including refrigerationbuilding and automobile air conditioning. Honeywell and its suppliers have completed a $900 million investment program in R&D and new capacity based on Honeywell’s hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) technology. For more information, visit www.fluorineproducts-honeywell.com/refrigerants.

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