With new scroll compressor technology reducing carbon emissions, increasing performance and improving safety in your heating and cooling applications is now possible

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With Danfoss’ breakthrough scroll compressor technology and Honeywell’s Solstice® refrigerants, you can finally tick three critical boxes where no other heating and cooling solution existed until today: near carbon neutrality, higher performance and better safety. What’s more, one out of every five new chillers in Europe uses Solstice ze or N15 refrigerant today. Upgrade your  scroll chillers with Solstice® technology and stay ahead of upcoming regulations.
Near-Carbon Neutrality

With systems using Solstice ze (R-1234ze) refrigerant there is no need to lower performance metrics to achieve a smaller carbon footprint.  Best of all, ‘zero’ direct emissions mean no quota requirement, leading to lower TCO.

Higher Performance

Solstice ze scroll chillers will see an improvement in system efficiencies by up to 4% vs. R-410A or R-454B scroll systems at the same cooling capacity.

No Compromise to Safety

For indoor applications, Solstice N15 (R-515B) refrigerant is the only A1 (non-flammable/non-toxic) solution that has a GWP lower than 300, which means less risk and lower operational costs.

Suitable heating and cooling applications include

Additional Benefits

Scroll chillers using Solstice refrigerants will also achieve the following benefits

System Efficiencies

✔ Integrated heating and cooling in a single unit, ideal for boiler retrofits up to 90°C

✔ System efficiencies of 8% vs. existing R-1234ze screw platforms at the same cooling capacity

✔ Heat recovery in datacenters thanks to high  evaporating temperatures


✔ A reduced carbon footprint by eliminating fossil fuels used by boilers that are banned for new builds in certain EU countries

✔ The ability to reach zero carbon emission policy targets

✔ Lower running costs and less energy use


✔ No HFC-related taxes, and eligible for public subsidies that are in place in various EU countries

✔ Quicker lead times from serial production, and chiller rental possibility thanks to fast delivery.

✔ Reduction in equipment cost by eliminating various component certifications required for other flammable alternatives (PED fluid category 1)

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