Decarbonise Heat in London Homes

Decarbonise Heat in Ringsted Denmark

Our environment is at the top of everyone’s mind. Businesses, governments, and consumers each have a role to play in safeguarding our planet’s future. The urgency is clear, but change can be complex. Choosing the right technologies at the right time can help balance energy consumption, climate change and economic impact now and for decades to come. Solstice® refrigerant technology offers European municipalities a safer, more energy efficient and lower cost opportunity to deploy large-scale heat pumps in heat networks to decarbonise our towns and cities.

Here’s why you should choose Solstice refrigerant over ammonia or other heat pump systems for your heat network:

✔ saves you upfront capital cost for the plant.

✔ enables simpler system design.

✔ provides a more reliable heat supply through less downtime.

✔ is more energy efficient with lower operating costs and lower carbon emissions.

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