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With the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, many countries are phasing out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) due to high global-warming potentials (GWPs). It’s time for a fresh perspective about how we can help preserve our planet without compromising on product performance. 

Look to Solstice Propellant (HFO-1234ze(E)), a groundbreaking, Earth-friendly aerosol propellant to help create creamy, shiny, and easy to spread foams in aerosol-based products for face, body, hair, and sun care products.  And using our nonflammable propellant in cosmetic and cosmeceutical formulations creates the ability to spray small-sized droplets for quick dry time.

Solstice Propellant offers an ultra-low GWP alternative to HFC-152a and other HFCs. Our nonflammable propellant meets VOC targets, and is a proven alternative to flammable propellants or high GWP HFCs. Solstice Propellant is VOC-exempt (U.S. EPA), and is classified as a UN class 2.2 nonflammable liquefied gas.

Our nonflammable solution can be blended with other common propellants such as HFC-152a, DME, butane, isobutane and propane, and commonly used solvents including alcohols, acetone, halogenated and hydrocarbon solvents. It is thermally and hydrolytically stable and exhibits good compatibility with plastics, elastomers, and metals.

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Solstice® Propellant

A replacement for HFC-134a, with only minimal changes required to formulations and equipment.
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Solstice Propellant is the only liquefied propellant that enables packaging in plastic aerosol bottles:

  • Nonflammable liquefied gas propellant allows formulation of nonflammableproducts which can be transportedunder current regulations
  • Suitable vapor pressure rangefor developing formulationscompliant with U.S. DOT plastic aerosol pressure restrictions 
  • Compatible with PET plastic aerosol bottles: No degradation after >12 months at 104°F (40°C)
  • Very low loss rate: Diffusion rate throughPET is 1/29th that of carbon dioxide


Minimal conversion costs: Honeywell’s experienced team helps ensure a smooth, efficient transition

Compatible with existing equipment: Few changes to existing storage and filling equipment are required

Focus on safety: The only nonflammable, ultra-low GWP liquefied gas propellant available today; hydrocarbons may require special flammable materials handling equipment


Medium pressure (49 PSIG at 70°F /21°C): Provides even, consistent spray with minimal overspray. Ideal for hair and facial applications

Higher liquid density (1.17 g/cc at 70°F/21°C): Enables better solubility in viscous formulations; works very well in formulations containing inorganics, such as zinc oxide